Website Design

​We, as humans, are all highly affected by the composition and design of the media we intake on a daily basis. When we look at advertisements, magazines or websites, we subconsciously absorb the way the pages are designed, and react internally before we make any other judgments. It is for this reason that website design is such an important area to focus on, when trying to attract and hold the attention of your target audience. Mizz Marketing is an industry leader in absolutely magnetic and resonating web pages for our clientele based in St. Louis, MO and nationwide! We have a huge sense of pride in our work, and we know that our customers love showing their new pages off to their internet client base.
While you can have stunning design without the introduction of color, the job is much more difficult that way. We do black and white work occasionally, when the project calls for it, but 98% of the time we are working in enthralling and perfectly matched color palettes. Colors can help set the visual mood of a piece of art, and websites are no exception. The best thing to do when picking out colors, is to think of what emotions you want your site to evoke in the viewer. There are hot and cold colors in the spectrum, and the temperature of the colors you use can absolutely affect the mood of your composition.
You don’t always need to redesign your website from the ground up when you want to give your customers a better online experience. Sometimes it’s better just to do a refresh, which we sometimes call a minor face lift. Mizz Marketing has an expert-level refresh procedure which includes slightly modifying the color palette, updating fonts to a similar but new version, increasing the quality and DPI of the logo or header, and many more tips.
We can spearhead a refresh project for your company and let your customers know that you’re active, that you pay attention to current trends, and that you put your best face forward. We know that potential clients and return business can be significantly impacted by even the smallest changes, and we can help you hit that sweet spot.
art of the reason why you should be thinking about a website redesign, is to keep those potential customers who do find you, on your site for the maximum amount of time. There are many techniques to getting through to your site visitors. One of those techniques is to make it easy for them to get the information they need. What that boils down to is improving your navigation and menus. Of course adding a search feature is always handy too, but really, they shouldn’t have to resort to that. The search bar is there as a courtesy. Your navigation menus should be simple and clear enough to let them get to where they need to go, when they want to get there.

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We combine strategy, creativity and technical know-how to help clients ranging from startups to national brands take their online businesses to new heights.