Social Media Marketing

​Social media has become a necessity in today’s marketing landscape. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat are all invaluable tools that businesses can use to get their names, goods and services out in front of their target demographic. Mizz Marketing has been leveraging these outlets for years, and we can get your business up to speed with minimal cost and effort. You may be thinking that social media isn’t the right place for your advertising budget to be, but you’d be surprised at what you can accomplish. You’ve probably heard of the power of Facebook’s advertising campaigns, and what you heard it likely true. You can get your product in front of all of the right people, and quickly. Social media is second to none when it comes to speed of deployment and breadth of influence.
When social media platforms first come on the scene, they were all about connecting people with people. Now, they’ve evolved into connecting people with everything they can think of. With Facebook’s marketplace, and business pages, and ads, it has transformed into a community that is equal parts residential and commercial.
There’s more to it than just having a social media presence. Sometimes, even when a person who is interested in a service or good that you provide tries to find you, they just aren’t searching for the right words. That’s where ads come into play. Facebook and social media ads will populate while your customer is browsing normally, and they are tailored to items that the person has “liked” or discussed or even Google searched. This is a great way to help guide your customers to you, even when they might not know what to search for.
Not only are you going to save quite a few dollars by choosing to market on social media, over other platforms, but you are going to be able to launch your marketing campaign almost immediately! There are so few barriers to entry when it comes to advertising on social media. Anyone can create a business Facebook page, and start putting their name out there. The catch is, how to tailor your online presence into something is functional and help guide your customers to making a purchase or calling for an estimate. Mizz Marketing can help with that. We’ve be building Facebook presences for years, and we know how to best get your page in front of the right people.
Some companies spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars on their publicly facing websites. They create elaborate customer support pages along with that, with custom chat features and email forms, et cetera. But, if your needs aren’t as robust, you could absolutely use Facebook or Twitter as your customer service platform instead. Chat and documentation is all built-in. Notifications can be configured, and you can keep your customers service area easily staffed 24 hours a day.

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