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​What is “search engine optimization” anyway? Well, most people these days are familiar with Google as a company, and now even as a verb. Google is a search engine. It will search most of the internet for a term or keyword that you might be looking for. Say, for instance, cake. If you do a Google search for cake, you will get an ordered list of stores, recipes, images, definitions and maybe even someone’s pet who happens to be named cake. The site or link that appears at the top of that list is more likely to be clicked on by the person who was searching for the term.
An algorithm is an equation or a set of rules that defines an output of some sort. Let’s say you had ten apples. Let’s say two of those apples were green, and two were yellow and the rest were red. An example of an algorithm, in plain speak, might be: “Show me all apples that are not red, and that still have their stems and put them at the top of the list. Then show me all apples that are not red without stems. Then show me all red apples”. This is an example of the way a search engine orders its results, and this level of accuracy is called relevance.
The answer is keywords. Keywords are what your customers might type into the search box when they are looking for something on the internet. For instance, if someone looking for floor tiles types that into the search box, the two keywords would be “floor” and “tile”. If your website has many instances of the word floor and tile, there is a good chance they they’ll find your site. Now, since there are many places that sell floor tile, a “good chance” in this case might not be enough. Keep reading to see how you can further hone your optimization methods.
If you provide a service or a product that isn’t unique, you are going to run into situations where you’re competing for the top spots in Google’s search algorithm. That is where you can start to use your location to focus your customer’s searches and let them find you more easily.
Putting your company’s website at the top of that list is what search engine optimization is. Mizz Marketing is an expert at increasing your exposure, and we know how to navigate Google’s algorithms to properly boost your visibility. Adding keywords to your site that include your city, county, state or other location information will give you an advantage. The reason being that Google can use your location when searching, and if your site has instances of your geographical information sprinkled throughout, you will show up on those list. Now, combine the product and services keywords and the location keywords and you’ve now got an excellent chance of being seen!

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