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​Having a professional, concise and bold logo design goes such a long way when it comes to brand management and loyalty. Even though logos are typically more simplistic designs, there is a great deal of work that can go into creating one. Over complicating a logo is very easy to do, especially when trying to create a more unique and distinct design. It’s common sense that you don’t want your logo to look that same, or even remotely close to another company’s logo. That could lead to brand confusion, and your logo may not be as well received, due to the other logo having been established prior to yours. Mizz Marketing can make those worries a thing of the past. We have created hundreds of high quality logos for companies in the St. Louis, Missouri area, and beyond!
Logos came to be as necessary as they are now, due to how effective they are at two things. One, identifying the company that a product or service belongs to. Two, because they are more cost effective than printing a larger, wordier version of the company’s identifier. These two facets combined help popularize the usage of logos between companies.
Your company, if you choose to have a logo designed, should focus on keeping it as simple as possible. Doing this will prevent certain issues from arising when someone sees your logo. First, provided it is concise enough, they can process it in a matter of milliseconds and see if they recognize it. If there are a lot of words or extra shape, colors, etc., it may not be as easy for them to do.
The simplicity of a logo makes it more effective, but also cuts down on production costs for things like t-shirts, hats, decals and other branded swag. When you choose to go with a bold logo, over a subtle one, you are putting yourself in front of your competitors. Your logo only needs to be more eye catching then the most popular brand. From there, you can start generating trust with your customers, and they will begin seeking out your product specifically, and not just your logo.
If you were to take a look at some of the most well-known brands and logos that exist today, you would see something very much in common. First, they only have one to three colors throughout the composition. That’s it. Any more colors than that and you are over complicating your brand. On top of that, they all incorporate a major theme of their business into the logo itself. Take for instance, Pepsi. With Pepsi, you notice that there is a wave that goes across the middle of the circle. That wave, represents a liquid, perhaps their soft drink? Also, one can’t help but notice that the colors chosen, are colors that ring true with every American citizen. Red, white and blue. Using methods like this when designing your logo can help catapult your popularity, and help you maintain brand loyalty.

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