​Having a well-defined brand is critical to generating a solid reputation and creating repeat business. A satisfied customer, one who used your goods or services and had a positive outcome, is much more likely to come back and use your company again, if they can identify and associate your brand. To think about it another way, how do you think your customers would react if you were to ship all of your items without any labeling at all, or offer a service where an employee of yours arrives in an unmarked vehicle, with plain clothes? They’d probably be skeptical to say the least, if not downright confused. Branding has become a necessity, but there’s a very distinct line between good branding and bad. Mizz Marketing is an industry leader in attractive, long-lasting branding with staying power.
A brand can be defined, by as “a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name”. Simple enough, right? Yes, and while that is the most basic definition of what a brand is, there are nuances that need to be considered when designing one. A brand isn’t just a product or a name, it involves colors, sounds, shapes, tastes, sensations and more. Branding is more of an experience that the customer has, when using or seeing your product. If you keep this in mind, you’ll be prepared for creating a fully immersive and captivating experience for your existing and potential customers.
The first thing we notice about an object is almost always the color. This holds true in the supermarket, or while browsing the web and seeing an ad, or while looking through a magazine. Bright colors attract us, while dull or muted colors don’t tend to get that same initial reaction. The shape and size of your product can also come into play when fighting for the consumer’s attention. If your product is diminutive in nature, it may go unnoticed unless the packaging is larger and more perceptible. The same goes for digital advertisements.
A small image on a busy website is not likely to stand out, where a bigger ad is probably going to be noticed. While sounds aren’t part of retail advertising, generally speaking, they are just as important when it comes to branding. Picking a non-offensive, easily recognizable jingle or song can absolutely make the difference between bad branding and good.
It’s not easy to create a long lasting and effective brand. In fact, gaining the trust of your customers through your marketing is much more difficult than most would assume. That’s why it is important to have a high quality product or service as the backbone for any branding project. If you have that to fall back on, then you can build up your brand image over time, relying on the quality of what you’re offering your community. It is extremely important, so make sure that you are ready to be branded, before taking the plunge.

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